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Introduction to the Tracker

What is Tracker?

Tracker is a Business Intelligence Toolkit and suite of Business Intelligence Featured solutions for animal agriculture professionals. Tracker Business Intelligence Features provide historical, current, and predictive views of animal agriculture business operations.

In addition to the Tracker Business Intelligence Toolkit, within the Tracker product line there is a peer project for managing and exchanging data with complex networks of sensors and actuators called the Tracker iRouter. For details on the Tracker iRouter technology see the InformationRouter wiki page.

Livestock Business Intelligence Toolkit

The Tracker Business Intelligence Toolkit is an Eclipse based network aware rich client platform that can be installed with one or more Business Intelligence Features.

Tracker Business Intelligence Features

Tracker Business Intelligence Features are used by livestock producers, infrastructure providers and process control auditors to

  • Document;
  • Acquire;
  • Manage;
  • Analyze;
  • Report;
  • and Inter-exchange;

Animal health and best practice information.

Tracker Business Intelligence Features provide solutions for;

  • documenting animal event histories;
  • acquiring data
  • automating the management of multiple network sensors, data input devices and actuators; (see the InformationRouter)
  • maintaining production efficiency;
  • improving herd quality;
  • documenting process controls;
  • recording animal movements;
  • and sharing animal history information.

Tracker Business Intelligence Features are network resident business objects that can be installed in the Tracker Toolkit. Tracker Business Intelligence Features can be installed, updated and managed from within the Tracker Business Intelligence Toolkit to meet specific business needs of the user. Tracker Business Intelligence Features support:

  • Open Data models, formats and schema for improved data management,
  • Open Source Code to insure auditing transparency and future extensibility,
  • Open System Component Based functionality to speed development and administration,
  • Industry Standardization to meet the needs of a multi-vendor integrated marketplace,
  • and Multi-platform runtimes to expand user and use-case operating system and hardware platform choices.

Notable Quotes

DOD on Open Source, Open Systems and Open Standards.

Starting Points

Note: The current Tracker releases are beta releases and not intended for production use. Email Verticon,Inc. to request information and beta support.


  • Download the latest release
  • Extract the archive and run the tracker executable.
  • From the Help menu read the context base user documentation
  • Familiarize yourself with the Tracker by running the example projects
  • Ask questions on the user group
  • Log bugs
  • Request enhancements

Commercial Vendors wishing to distribute Tracker

  • Optionally contact Verticon, Inc. to contract for support and/or consulting


  • SettingUp -- Instructions for setting up your Eclipse Workspace for Tracker Development.

Latest Milestone Product and Features Release

Current Work

See desktop.ecvi.beta.0.3 for what's planned for next technical release.

Exploring more generic inventory management.

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