Setting up your Eclipse Workspace for Tracker Development

This procedure is out of date. Do not use it. Contact Verticon for details on the setup.


Your Eclipse IDE will require

  1. Subversive client
  2. Buckminister.

Setup a Base Target Platform

Eclipse PDE best practices dictate utilization of a Target Platform for each Application. To create a Target Platform for the Tracker Application,

  1. Download tracker-eclipse_target_platform-200905071512.tar.gz
  2. Extract the Target Platform to a convenient location on your machine.
  3. In the Workspace preferences for PDE, configure the path to the extracted target platform

Configure Access to the Tracker Source Code Repostitory

Contact Verticon support for access information and configure it in your Eclipse.

Materialize the Tracker as a series of Projects in your Eclipse Workspace with Buckminster

Buckminster materialization functionality is pending resolutions of Ticket #378, contact Verticon support for workaround.

  • Use the File > Open Component Query dialog in Eclipse, and enter this URL:

That will start the Buckminster materialization of the projects.