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#353 Create a BIRT Feature to eliminate unnecessary dependencies com.verticon.tracker.builder desktop.unscheduled enhancement 03/26/09
#501 Create utility to import events from csv logs com.verticon.tracker desktop.unscheduled enhancement 02/06/10
#333 Utilize P2 to distribute BIRT Reports com.verticon.tracker.birt desktop.unscheduled defect 02/26/09
#372 SWT Resource Problem com.verticon.tracker.editor desktop.unscheduled defect 04/18/09
#378 Buckminister is failing to materialize Tracker projects com.verticon.tracker.builder desktop.unscheduled defect 05/08/09
#163 Add user preference for setting current selection to last received event com.verticon.tracker.editor desktop.unscheduled enhancement 02/25/08
#314 Provide a Webstart Installer com.verticon.tracker.builder desktop.unscheduled enhancement 02/10/09
#328 Create an all-in-one product for development com.verticon.tracker.builder desktop.unscheduled enhancement 02/21/09
#337 Integrate the com.verticon.ant.utilities in to the build context. com.verticon.tracker.help desktop.unscheduled defect 03/07/09
#318 Add documentation topic on how to use BIRT tools com.verticon.tracker.birt desktop.unscheduled enhancement 02/11/09
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