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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#979 BIRT Viewer does not work with Java 8 com.verticon.birt.report.loader defect jconlon accepted 01/28/15
#970 Add BlueGiga Bluetooth LE iRouter Service org.usaha.ecvi 0.3.6 enhancement jconlon new 08/13/14

componentManager.0.1.0 Release (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#986 Formalize Whiteboard Design com.verticon.componentmanager 1.0.0 task jconlon new 03/06/15
#987 Design, publish and Implement APIs com.verticon.componentmanager 1.0.0 task jconlon accepted 03/06/15

desktop.1.0.0 Release (20 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#990 Build release desktop.1.0.0 com.verticon.tracker.builder 1.0.0 enhancement jconlon accepted 07/25/15
#810 After reader times out can not reconnect com.verticon.tracker.reader.bluetooth defect jconlon new 10/09/12
#811 Errors are logged on application exit com.verticon.tracker.irouter defect jconlon new 10/09/12
#945 BIRT Throwing exception when Browser is started. com.verticon.tracker.birt defect jconlon new 02/05/14
#952 WIndows 8 can not find Bluetooth devices com.verticon.tracker.reader.bluetooth defect jconlon accepted 02/09/14
#967 Fair XLS Imports do not show up as changing the resource com.verticon.tracker.fair.poi defect jconlon new 04/24/14
#784 Create Place model com.verticon.tracker enhancement jconlon new 04/23/12
#809 Create function to test state and trigger an audible result com.verticon.tracker.irouter.framework enhancement jconlon new 10/07/12
#991 Add Bluetooth UHF Tag Reader Support com.verticon.tracker.reader.bluetooth 1.0.0 enhancement jconlon accepted 08/02/15
#992 Remove Tracker dependencies from OCL Feature com.verticon.tracker.ocl.query.viewer 1.0.0 enhancement jconlon accepted 08/02/15
#993 Mars Upgrade com.verticon.tracker.irouter 1.0.0 enhancement jconlon new 08/02/15
#834 Normalize unit tests com.verticon.tracker.builder 0.1.2 task jconlon new 01/08/13
#659 Configuration form editor does not support options and multiple cardinality com.verticon.tracker.irouter 0.2.0 defect jconlon new 11/24/10
#702 Cross document references to animals may be lost com.verticon.tracker.fair defect jconlon new 03/02/11
#727 Geography editor can not create Google extension elements com.verticon.google.kmlgx.core.model.editor 0.1.0 defect jconlon new 04/20/11
#802 Age in days should be use events for calculation com.verticon.tracker 0.3.6 defect jconlon new 09/11/12
#771 Add demo videos to website com.verticon.tracker.website enhancement jconlon new 03/02/12
#783 Storing OCD does not save icons com.verticon.tracker.store 0.1.0 defect jconlon new 04/23/12
#966 Mettler emulator has resource leak com.verticon.tracker.irouter.simulator defect jconlon new 03/20/14
#598 Create icons for iRouter features com.verticon.tracker.irouter 0.1.0 enhancement jconlon new 09/08/10

desktop.ecvi.beta.0.3 Release (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#924 Specify eCVI Premises Integration org.usaha.ecvi task jconlon new 11/25/13
#973 MongoDb ecvi store is incorrectly named org.usaha.ecvi.store.mongodb defect jconlon new 11/26/14
#928 Design Indexing schema for MongoDB Ecvi Collection org.usaha.ecvi task jconlon accepted 12/18/13
#933 Ecvi Editor requires documents to have file extension .ecvi org.usaha.ecvi defect jconlon new 12/26/13

desktop.trigger.view.2.0 Release (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#851 Add unit multiplier com.verticon.tracker.irouter.measurement.trigger.file 0.1.0 enhancement jconlon new 02/24/13
#852 Add Animal ID com.verticon.tracker.irouter.measurement.trigger.file 0.1.1 enhancement jconlon new 02/24/13
#859 Add json envelope support com.verticon.tracker.irouter.eventadmin.gateway enhancement jconlon new 02/26/13
#850 Add column headers to export files com.verticon.tracker.trigger.view 0.1.2 enhancement jconlon new 02/24/13
#858 Create an operator mode com.verticon.tracker.trigger.view enhancement jconlon new 02/26/13
#959 What're 6PM Coupon Codes and How do They Work? com.verticon.tracker.irouter.mettler 0.2.9 enhancement jconlon new 02/18/14
#880 Ohaus Proxy does not show conections to external nodes com.verticon.tracker.irouter.ohaus defect jconlon new 05/16/13

desktop.unscheduled Release (65 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#315 Provide an integrated building component for building and deploying Tracker com.verticon.tracker.builder enhancement jconlon new 02/10/09
#353 Create a BIRT Feature to eliminate unnecessary dependencies com.verticon.tracker.builder 0.3.6 enhancement jconlon assigned 03/26/09
#355 Duplicate unApplied tags are not causing validation errors com.verticon.tracker defect jconlon new 04/01/09
#356 Adding a new animal using an unAppliedTag does not remove it from the set of unAppliedTags. com.verticon.tracker defect jconlon new 04/01/09
#375 Deleting Animals is slow on Windows Platform com.verticon.tracker.editor 0.3.6 defect jconlon new 04/28/09
#436 Add GUI test for Fair com.verticon.tracker.swtbots 0.3.6 defect jconlon new 08/17/09
#507 Update view framework to use undo and redo comands com.verticon.tracker.editor 0.3.7 defect jconlon new 02/09/10
#509 Split com.verticon.tracker project into a core and a core.model projects com.verticon.tracker defect jconlon new 02/12/10
#305 Externalize all User Interface Strings as Preparation for Internationalizing com.verticon.tracker.editor enhancement jconlon new 02/08/09
#357 Create a wizard to add a set of unAppliedTags to the premises com.verticon.tracker.editor enhancement jconlon new 04/01/09
#402 Create an all-in-one download package for the fair editor com.verticon.tracker.builder 0.3.6 enhancement jconlon new 07/21/09
#501 Create utility to import events from csv logs com.verticon.tracker 0.3.6 enhancement jconlon assigned 02/06/10
#566 Upgrade OCL Query and validation com.verticon.tracker.ocl.query.viewer enhancement jconlon new 04/26/10
#567 Add support to display and enter weight in kg or pounds com.verticon.tracker.editor enhancement jconlon new 04/26/10
#694 Create graphical designer for iRouter com.verticon.osgi.metatype.core enhancement jconlon new 02/22/11
#695 Create an appliance export utiltily for iRouter configurations. com.verticon.osgi.metatype.core 0.3.6 enhancement jconlon new 02/22/11
#715 Create a BIRT report generator com.verticon.tracker.birt enhancement jconlon new 04/05/11
#726 Embed World Wind Java GeoBrowser com.verticon.agriculture.editor 0.1.0 enhancement jconlon new 04/20/11
#758 Create feature that allows all Tracker editors to reference MongoDB resources com.verticon.tracker 0.3.6 enhancement jconlon new 02/06/12
#316 Investigate alternate Desktop UIs com.verticon.tracker.builder task jconlon new 02/10/09
#422 Analyze memory usage com.verticon.tracker.tests 0.3.6 task jconlon new 07/27/09
#205 Tracker Transaction Editor is not consistently seeing and reloading changed resources. com.verticon.tracker.transaction.editor defect jconlon new 04/19/08
#224 In the OCL query viewer and the OCL console only elements in the same Resource are visible com.verticon.tracker.fair.editor defect jconlon new 05/27/08
#280 Mutable objects should not be sent via the OSGi EventAdmin Service com.verticon.tracker.fair.transaction.editor defect jconlon new 10/17/08
#292 Add UI Decorations to Forms windows com.verticon.tracker.views defect jconlon new 12/19/08
#333 Utilize P2 to distribute BIRT Reports com.verticon.tracker.birt defect jconlon assigned 02/26/09
#372 SWT Resource Problem com.verticon.tracker.editor 0.3.6 defect jconlon assigned 04/18/09
#378 Buckminister is failing to materialize Tracker projects com.verticon.tracker.builder defect jconlon assigned 05/08/09
#569 Metatype AD attribute value changes do not effect the Event View details form until reboot. com.verticon.tracker.views defect jconlon new 04/27/10
#671 Missing Capabilities Preference Page com.verticon.tracker.editor 0.4.2 defect jconlon new 12/10/10
#114 Add values to the Enumerated list of Medical Treatment Event Method Attribute. com.verticon.tracker enhancement jconlon new 12/18/07
#154 Add Icons and Images to the Tracker com.verticon.tracker.edit enhancement jconlon new 02/20/08
#163 Add user preference for setting current selection to last received event com.verticon.tracker.editor enhancement jconlon assigned 02/25/08
#200 When building queries for the Query View operator should be shown OCL hints to aid composition com.verticon.tracker.ocl.query.viewer enhancement jconlon new 04/11/08
#217 Make Fair editor table cells editable com.verticon.tracker.fair.editor enhancement jconlon new 05/14/08
#218 Make Tracker editor table cells editable com.verticon.tracker.editor enhancement jconlon new 05/14/08
#244 Excel Export should offer exports based on Elements that offer major joins on data com.verticon.tracker.fair.poi enhancement jconlon new 06/22/08
#296 Remove unnecessary menus from the workbench. com.verticon.tracker.editor enhancement jconlon new 01/08/09
#314 Provide a Webstart Installer com.verticon.tracker.builder enhancement jconlon assigned 02/10/09
#327 Use a distributed extension management for development platform com.verticon.tracker.builder enhancement jconlon new 02/21/09
#328 Create an all-in-one product for development com.verticon.tracker.builder enhancement jconlon assigned 02/21/09
#413 Schema element should allow specification of enumerated lists com.verticon.tracker enhancement jconlon new 07/24/09
#429 Use SWTBot for capturing widget images com.verticon.tracker.documentation 0.3.6 enhancement jconlon new 08/05/09
#563 Add Animal Birthdate Error Attribute com.verticon.osgi.metatype.core.model enhancement jconlon new 04/26/10
#698 Register content type for premises resources com.verticon.tracker 0.4.2 enhancement jconlon new 02/24/11
#699 Register content type for metatype resources com.verticon.osgi.metatype.core enhancement jconlon new 02/24/11
#700 Register content type for fair resource com.verticon.tracker.fair enhancement jconlon new 02/24/11
#307 Create demonstration video com.verticon.tracker.builder task jconlon new 02/08/09
#421 Validate code with bug analysis tool com.verticon.tracker.tests 0.3.6 task jconlon new 07/27/09
#495 Review Remus com.verticon.tracker task jconlon new 02/03/10
#502 Investigate Remote Services and ECF com.verticon.tracker task jconlon new 02/06/10
#670 Update OCL infrastructure com.verticon.tracker 0.4.2 task jconlon new 12/10/10
#159 Focus fails to function under certain conditions. com.verticon.tracker.editor defect jconlon new 02/20/08
#294 Examples should be made available under the New Examples Menu com.verticon.tracker.editor defect jconlon new 01/06/09
#337 Integrate the com.verticon.ant.utilities in to the build context. com.verticon.tracker.help defect jconlon assigned 03/07/09
#345 Spelling of component com.verticon.tracker.fair.poi.documenation should be com.verticon.tracker.fair.poi.documentation com.verticon.tracker.fair.poi defect jconlon new 03/16/09
#381 Tracker log file should be a hidden file. com.verticon.tracker.logging defect jconlon new 05/13/09
#437 Event View does not visualize all the events in the document model com.verticon.tracker.views 0.3.6 defect jconlon new 08/17/09
#444 Mouse over features in About Tracker should show project name. com.verticon.tracker.builder 0.3.6 defect jconlon new 08/22/09
#730 External node icons are covering text com.verticon.tracker.irouter 0.1.1 defect jconlon new 05/16/11
#91 Add a Working with RFID Sensors Section to the User Guide com.verticon.tracker.help enhancement jconlon new 12/07/07
#95 Add a Working With Document Validation Section to the User Guide com.verticon.tracker.help enhancement jconlon new 12/10/07
#119 Rework Animal and Event Viewers to allow user configuration of column visibility. com.verticon.tracker.editor enhancement jconlon new 01/03/08
#285 Change event transmission mechanism from synchronous to asynchronous com.verticon.tracker.reader enhancement jconlon new 10/24/08
#298 Add Event Import Icon com.verticon.tracker.editor enhancement jconlon new 01/09/09
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