Milestone desktop.ecvi.beta.0.3


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Enhance functionality of the org.usaha.ecvi components and services


This milestone focus is:

  • Bug fixes
  • XML Document Schema changes
  • MongoDB
    • Transformation
    • Indexing
  • Evaluate the following GUI generators for creating a more user friendly Ecvi editor than the default property editor.


  1. Incorporate new changes to the USAHA XMD Schema
  2. Review MongoDB transformation and loading
  3. Specify eCVI Tracker Premises Editor integration feature


  • Note: This is an experimental beta release of software and is only meant to be used for testing. Expect model, structural and visual changes in the next releases.
  • To install the Ecvi document editor within an Eclipse desktop add the Tracker Release Update Site to your Eclipse installation. When presented with the Install new Software Wizard you will find the:
    • Ecvi Editor org.usaha.ecvi.editor feature contained within the Ecvi Editor category
    • Ecvi Integration feature is contained within the Optional Features category.
    • Ecvi Networking feature is contained within the Optional Features category


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